by Nuclear Age

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Recorded at the Dust Bin by the Trash King in Fall 2013....


released October 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Nuclear Age Washington, D.C.

REACT! Records will be releasing our debut record in 2015. Keep your eyes peeled for tour dates. XOXO

Nuclear Age is Gary, Toner, Hinsch, Gavin, and Mike

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Track Name: Nuclear Age
To live and die in the modern age
Means to live and die in the nuclear age
Times are getting hard, man
But we'll survive
Times are getting hard, man
But we thrive

To live and die in the nuclear age

They'll chew you up and spit you out
But we're stronger than before
Never give in
We gotta survive
Can't let them win
We gotta thrive

To live and die in the nuclear age
Track Name: Power Of Youth
Motherfuckers push us around
But we won't let them get us down
We're gonna build something better, something new
Leave their world behind for something true

Power Of Youth

The power of youth, it's in you and it's in me
Together we'll fight mediocrity
If you got a message, say it proud
Moment of youth, last chance to be heard

Power Of Youth
Track Name: Look Around
Look around you
Everything's changed
but you're still the fucking same

You'll learn to keep it clear
To keep it straight
In a world you can't fucking relate